Home Stretch!!

SPACES is now rounding 3rd base and heading into the home stretch of our data collection phase. Gotta love sports analogies!

People have been sharing what they’ve learned about life in general through being in the industry, their tips and strategies about health and safety, and all kinds of funny stories. Never a dull moment! Meeting research participants has been spectacular.

If you are a buyer, manager or support person (security, driver, booking staff) of any gender please contact us for an interview.

If you are a male provider, we want you! We are very interested in hearing about your experiences in the sex industry and the things you do in order to engage safely. SPACES is proud to announce our partnership with HUSTLE and Health Initiative for Men (HIM), two fantastic support services for gay men in our communities.  Please check HIM out!

We would like to chat with “Managers” but this sounds really formal. We are interested in speaking with traditional agency owners, Madams, venue supervisors, PI’s or pimps AND those who may, informally, rent out a room in their apartment to a friend to turn a date.

You may not see yourself as having in any ‘control’ over your friend’s work but you are providing a SPACE for them to work in safety. Helping someone who works in the industry in any way could qualify you as a ‘support person.’  For example, you could be the designated emergency contact person for a friend who does out-calls.  These are roles and activities that are invaluable to providers but are largely unknown and misunderstood by people from outside of the sex industry.

Hope to hear from you soon,