It’s time to launch!

Participate in the SPACES Study

What is the SPACES Study?

  • A team of university-based researchers with experience in direct service delivery to sex workers who are exploring how the design of off-street sex work environments affect the health and safety of people who work within the industry and those who buy sex within the Greater Vancouver Regional District
  • An opportunity for people in and around the off-street sex industry to share their concerns, challenges and recommendations regarding health and safety.  We are interested in hearing from sex workers of all genders, sex buyers, and support personnel.


Want to Participate?

  • Research staff are available to meet with you in a safe, quiet place of your choosing to conduct a one-time one-on-one interview lasting between 30 and 60 minutes
  • You will receive a small honorarium


Are you eligible?

To participate in this study you must be:

  • An adult sex worker of any gender currently providing off-street sexual services in the Greater Vancouver Regional District
  • An adult person who purchases sexual services
  • An adult sex venue manager
  • An adult driver, booking personnel, etc.



Your identity will be kept strictly confidential.  Your participation in the study will be for research purposes only and will not affect any services you may be receiving



If you would like to participate or want more information about the study please contact us at:

Call or text: (604) 365-5612; email:;