Today We Stood Together for Cindy Gladue

Cindy Gladue was an Aboriginal women, a mother and a daughter who was murdered in the most brutal way in Edmonton in 2011. Cindy engaged in sex work or survival as a way to earn money. Whether we advocate for labour and human rights for sex workers or view the industry as violence against women, today many stood together for Cindy and against the criminal legal system that acquitted her murderer on the belief that an intoxicated women could consent to the violence that led to her death.  

For more information about the ways in which Aboriginal scholars are speaking to this issue please read Sarah Hunt and Naomi Sayers' article published in the Globe and Mail last week. 

A staff member (representing herself) joined the Women's Memorial March Committee and local groups and activists today outside of our Supreme court building. We honor the groups around the country who took to the streets today, who stood up and demanded that violence against Indigenous women, against women sex workers, against ALL women not be allowed to continue with impunity. View the joint press release at the Women's Memorial March Website.