Focus Groups with Providers

We have just completed focus groups with around 40 sex workers/providers who give feedback on health and safety tips and strategies collected through interviews with 116 providers, Clients and 3rd parties (managers, drivers & support staff) conducted last spring.  

Providers advised us on what information should be available to other workers and any gaps and other ideas of how to share knowledge.  

Photo Below depicts SPACES Staff with Staff Members from HUSTLE a support organization for Male and Transgender sex workers

We have created a Prezi that contains Tips from Clients that can be viewed and commented on via this website Look for 'Client Health and Safety Tips and Strategies June 2015.'

There is a privacy disclaimer just letting you know that all USA based websites and sites like Twitter or Facebook may store your personal information but the SPACES study itself does not collect or access this information.

If you are a client or 3rd Party (Manager, Driver, Support Staff), you were interviewed by SPACES staff last spring and would like to meet to provide your feedback on the Client Tips and Strategies, email Raven at or text/phone 604.365.5612.

We will be gathering feedback until July 3rd 2015 and then we will be writing up a discussion document that will be part of a community meeting scheduled for September 11th 2015 (Invitations will be sent out in July 2015).