SPACES Community Meeting September 11th 2015

SPACES is holding a meeting of Vancouver sex industry professionals, their clients and venue staff, along with support organizations and government stakeholders to advance on recommendations for change.

In 2014, SPACES staff interviewed 116 off-street sex workers, clients and managers, drivers and support staff, about health and safety issues and their tips and strategies to improve work and social conditions for sex workers. Three groups of research participants (sex workers, clients and 3rd parties) provided insights pertaining to work practices, safety, health, stigma and Canadian prostitution law; they made recommendations to law enforcement, frontline services, policy-makers and the general public.

Attendees will have the opportunity to engage with the recommendations and co-create interventions toward increasing health, safety and rights with those who participate in off-street commercial sexual exchange in Vancouver.

If you are a participant or a Vancouver sex industry stakeholder and interested in attending but did not receive an invite, please email project staff at