Welcoming Comments on First SPACES Report



We are pleased to share our new website with all of you. This site will offer the opportunity to project participants and members of the off-street sex working community to comment on research findings, tips and strategies as we progress through our analysis of data. 

 Please view our current report  that includes biographical information of the 116 participants and highlights their experiences with respect to Health, Safety, Location of Work and Law.

 We are now in Phase Three of our project plan will continue analysis and reconnect with Advisers and project participants to finalize a recommendations report; develop materials related to health and safety tips and strategies from the perspective of Service Providers, Clients and Third Parties; and host a World Café event where participants, community stakeholders, policy makers and allies can discuss how to implement interventions to improve health and safety in the industry and increase autonomy and self-governance for those involved.

Please feel free to view and comment on our first report.

Warm Regards from the SPACES Team